Welcome to Death Of Retail, where we mourn retail record stores (and perhaps hardware stores in the future) by celebrating their label art, signage, point-of-purchase, and other distinctive pieces of design that are either extinct or on the way there.

photo (49)
Note in this image:

  • Skippy White’s (Boston), alive.
  • Boston Beat (Boston), dead.
  • Alwilk Music (New Jersey), dead.
  • Tower Records (chain), dead.
  • Dynamite Records (Northampton MA), dead.
  • HMV (international chain), dead in the US, on life support in the UK.  Poor Nipper.
  • Last Vestige (Albany NY), alive.
  • Stereo Jack’s (Cambridge MA), alive.
  • Deco Dance (Staten Island NY), dead.
  • RRRecords (Lowell MA), alive.
  • The Garment District’s downstairs record room [the silver barcode decal], store alive but record room gone.
  • Mystery Train (Gloucester MA), two locations alive, different owners, in Gloucester and Amherst MA.

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